About HS Race Walking

HSRW.net is all about giving recognition to the top HS Race Walkers in the US.  Nothing more, nothing less.

With all of the websites devoted to HS T&F, this event is still largely ignored.  In an effort to create some exposure for these dedicated young athletes, I created the HS RW Rankings.  For awhile, they were featured on a few other sites, including Dyestat, but relying on others to update the rankings was .... unreliable.  So, this site was born.

Countless HS athletes have benefitted from this site through newspaper and website references to their achievements.  Many have also received college scholarships for Race Walking (YES, IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU TOO) to NAIA schools.

Our efforts have also led to enhanced recognition of the event in the mainstream of Track & Field.  Maria Michta and Roberto & Ricardo Vergara were featured athletes on Dyestat.  Tyler Sorensen was the USATF Athlete of the Week.  Trevor Barron was the 2010 USATF Youth Athlete of the Year & 1st Race Walker to ever be recognized by Track & Field News as both a Top 10 HS athlete of the Year and 1st HS athlete to ever be ranked #1 Nationally in their Annual Rankings.

You could be next.  Get out and walk!