Annual Events Calendar

For specific event information, please refer to the HSRW Mobile App linked on the home page.
The following events are held annually at about this time of year. They are developmentally appropriate for HS aged race walkers.  Some are limited to HS athletes only and many have qualifying standards to assure competitive fields.  Approximate qualifying standards are listed on the right for competitions that use them.  Alternate standards at shorter distances are also included in parenthesis.  At the bottom of the list are the performances that will qualify athletes for International Competitions as a member of Team USA.  Please contact the meet directors with any questions you might have about them.

January State Distance
Dartmouth Relays NH 1 Mile
Hispanic Games NY 1500m
Greater Boston TC Invitational MA 3000m
Last Chance to Philly MD 1600m
Millrose Games NY 1 Mile
HS Indoor Championships NY 1 Mile
USA Indoor Championships   3000m
Pan Am Cup / World Cup Trials   10km
Woodward Relays MD 1600m
Jack Mortland Race Walks OH 5km/10km
Penn Relays PA 5000m/10000m
Pan Am Cup / World Cup   10km
St Anthony's Invitational NY 1500m
Glenn D. Loucks Games NY 1600m
USA 10km Race Walk Championships NY 10km
HS Outdoor Championships NC 1 Mile
Southeastern Masters Champs NC 1500m & 5000m
USA Junior Championships   10000m
USA Youth Outdoor Championships   3000m
USATF Junior Olympic Championships   3000m
Long Island Summer Series NY 1500m/3000m
World Youth T&F Championships   5000m/10000m
Junior Pan Am T&F Championships   10000m
World Junior T&F Championships   10000m
USA v. Canada Junior Dual 5km/10km
Youth Olympic Games 5000m/10000m
Foundation Race Walk Camp NY  
USA 1 Hour Race Walk Champs   1 Hour
USATF Jr Elite Development Camp CA 1 Mile & 5km
Armory Holiday Classic NY 3000m
USA 5000m Indoor Champs NY 5000m

* If no State is listed, this competition is held at a different location every year.  Use the link to coordinate your travel & competition schedule.


Approximate Qualifying Standards for HS Walkers:
Millrose Games
    7:00 - Men
    8:00 - Women
HS Indoor Champs
    8:00 - Men
    8:30 - Women
USA Indoor Champs
    12:45 - Men
        (6:25 @ mile)
    14:40 - Women
        (7:30 @ mile)
Penn Relays
    54:00 - Men
        (26:00 @ 5000)
        (15:00 @ 3000)
        (7:30 @ mile)
    29:00 - Women
        (16:40 @ 3000)
        (8:25 @ mile)
        (7:45 @ 1500)
HS Outdoor Champs
    7:30 - Men
    8:00 - Women
USA Junior Champs
    55:15 - Men
        (26:00 @ 5000)
        (15:00 @ 3000)
    59:45 - Women
        (28:30 @ 5000)
        (16:30@ 3000)
USA Youth Champs
    21:04 - Youth Boys
    19:43 - Int Boys
    18:43 - Young Men
    20:45 - Youth Girls
    21:38 - Int Girls
    21:52 - Young Women
International Qualifying Standards for HS Walkers:
Pan Am Cup / World Cup
    50:00 - Men
    54:00 - Women
World Youth Champs
    48:40 - Men
    25:30 - Women
World Junior Champs
    44:05 - Men
    50:55 - Women