Are you not getting recruited like you think you deserve? A big reason could be that track coaches can’t find you on social media. Every athlete wanting to increase opportunities should read below.

Instagram and Twitter are typically the first places college coaches go to get in touch and learn more about you. Even the best athletes get passed over if it takes too many steps to get in touch.

Track/XC coaches are overworked and don’t want to spend an extra hour finding contact info of every recruitable athlete. They want efficiency. You get it. You’re already annoyed with this article not getting to the point quick enough.

If you want to increase opportunities. Your social media bios must be on target.

Make sure you include these 5 items:

  1. Real First and Last Name – @tigerstripes45 with bio name Leslie’s Man isn’t getting found in the search.
  2. Graduation Year – We want to make sure it’s not an NCAA violation to reach out. Sometimes Milesplit is wrong. Also, we may first discover you on social and your grad class will impact if we are interested.
  3. City, State – Are you in-state? Do you qualify for a regional scholarship based on what city you’re from? Coaches may be more inclined to reach out if the sticker price to their school is lower based on geography.
  4. HS and/or Track Club – We may have an affiliation or contact that increases our chance of reaching out.
  5. T&F Athlete️ – Anything that reassures us you compete in track & field and you’re the person we are looking for. This could be a track/xc profile pic, listing your event(s), etc.

Want an example? @lyric_steele is on point!
Check out her bio below and a list of some bonus items you can include if it increases your stock.

Want to learn more about the track and field recruiting process?
Head to Brooke Rasnick’s (@coachdemo on Twitter) website.

** Note, this is not an official endorsement, but she let us use her content in exchange for the referral. Coach Rasnick knows the T&F as an athlete and a coach, so she can help you navigate the recruiting process.