This is a listing of the number of states by gender where a known State Record is posted. All but 3 of the 16 possible events have participation in Race Walking by at least half the states (25) in the USA by a High School aged athlete. The 3000m Outdoor event has the greatest number based upon the AAU & USATF Junior Olympics contesting that distance at regional and national meets.

This further dispels the FALSE NARRATIVE that the Race Walking is not widely or historically contested in most areas of the country. The only states with no known history are Alaska & Hawaii. That is likely just an issue of the availability of meet results prior to everything being posted online.

Indoor 1500m2126
Indoor Mile2527
Indoor 3000m2723
Outdoor 1500m2529
Outdoor Mile3527
Outdoor 3000m4341
Outdoor 5000m3033
Outdoor 10000m3123
Average # per Distance30 (60%)29 (57%)