The National Scholastic Indoor Championship (NSIC) was the first national championship in any HS sport. It was organized by the Metropolitan Athletics Congress (MAC), which was an old version of the USATF NY Association. Many of the people who created that meet, which was last held in 2010, went on to create the National Scholastic Athletics Foundation, which is now the defacto HS National Championship. From 1999-2010, both meets were held on the same weekend, which led to some interesting attempts at “The Double” on back to back days. Below is the listing of NSIC Champions.

NSIC Indoor Boys 1 Mile Championship

2010Tyler SorensenCA 6:23.62
2009Tyler SorensenCA 6:48.10
2008Ricardo VergaraTX6:36.96
2007Ricardo VergaraTX6:30.44
2006Ricardo VergaraTX6:47.83
2005Christopher DiazTX6:51.72
2004Zachary PollingerNJ6:21.66
2003Zachary PollingerNJ6:19.69
2002Adam StaierME6:46.09
2001Benjamin ShoreyME6:15.12
2000Daniel GurickNY7:50.97
1999Jean-Sebasti BeaucageCAN6:41.95
1998Brian ColbyWI6:31.10
1997Scott CraftonIN6:26.79
1996Francois BerubeCAN6:30.83
1995Kevin EastlerME6:11.98MR
1994Kevin EastlerME6:22.43
1993William Van AxenNY6:24.43
1992James SpahrNY6:26.68
1991Andy LeeNY6:23.16
1990Paul TavaresNY6:30.39
1989Paul TavaresNY6:43.42
1988Lennie BeckerMD6:38.91
1987Reggie DavenportNY6:39.54
1986Curt ClausenWI6:18.32
1985John ToyNY6:58.2
1984Mike FlynnNY7:13.55

NSIC Indoor Girls 1 Mile Championship

2010Abby DunnME7:33.42
2009Emilia VaskyteNY7:38.57
2008Mary DutkowskiNY7:41.06
2007Jenna MonahanNY7:38.16
2006Tina PetersOH7:25.71
2005Tina PetersOH7:33.67
2004Tara SimonelliNY7:24.50
2003Maria MichtaNY7:17.93
2002Maria MichtaNY7:20.56
2001Kristen JordanNY7:14.93
2000Colleen SchmidtNY7:32.16
1999Jamie YedowitzNY7:23.09
1998Marina CrivelloCAN6:59.90MR
1997Lisa KutzingNY7:07.31
1996Lisa KutzingNY7:22.71
1995Lisa KutzingNY7:24.67
1994Melissa BakerNY7:16.01
1993Melissa BakerNY7:12.90
1992Melissa BakerNY7:17.90
1991Jennifer GregoNY7:27.02
1990Gretchen EastlerME7:23.84
1989Jennifer ZalewskiIN7:45.94
1988Christy IzzoNY8:07.36
1987Nora ComansNY7:46.89
1986Deirdre CollierNY7:41.94
1985Lynn WeikNY7:36.72
1984Donna GoldsteinNY8:04.57