The National Scholastic Athletics Foundation (NSAF) began it’s Outdoor HS National Championship in 1995. Distances contested have varied from 5000m (Boys only) to 3000m to 1 Mile and back to 3000m over the years. Locations have also changed too, with the bulk of the meets being at NC A&T in Greensboro, the current site host.

NSAF Outdoor Boys Championship

2021Ryan AllenNJ14:28.87 ^
2020Meet Canceled – COVID-19
2019Samuel AllenNJ13:31.53 ^
2018Sean GlazeOH14:24.95 ^
2017Steven SmithME13:49.09 ^
2016AJ GruttadauroNY6:45.17
2015Cameron HaughtOH6:46.23
2014Spencer DunnME7:10.44
2013Tyler BardME7:16.78
2012Geraldo FloresTX7:43.14
2011Jonathan HallmanSC7:02.69
2010Evan VincentME7:10.50
2009Austin MichaudME8:29.01
2008Tyler SorensenCA7:05.51
2007Evan CrowdusKY7:12.76
2006Evan CrowdusKY7:13.79
2005Michael KazmierczakNY7:27.81
2004Zachary PollingerNJ6:30.86
2003Zachary PollingerNJ6:25.71
2002Adam StaierME6:14.40
2001Benjamin ShoreyME6:11.05MR
2000Benjamin ShoreyME13:24.06 ^
1999Erik TonkynSC14:41.57 ^
1998Glenn AndersonNY13:15.25 ^MR
1997Glenn AndersonNY25:27.40 *
1996Brian FanningNY24:59.65 *
1995Kevin EastlerME22:20.7 *MR
^ = 3000m
* = 5000m

NSAF Outdoor Girls Championship

2021Madison MorganTX14:12.66 ^MR
2020Meet Canceled – COVID-19
2019Ciara DurcanNY14:39.92 ^
2018Jessica Heiser-WhatleySC14:50.50 ^
2017Taylor EwertOH14:24.63 ^
2016Lauren HarrisNY6:52.23MR
2015Ashleigh ReschOH7:06.14
2014Meaghan PodlaskiNY7:23.40
2013Annica PennNY7:29.87
2012Annica PennNY7:42.23
2011Jennifer HalloranNY7:36.05
2010Jennifer HalloranNY7:35.01
2009Erin BresnahanNY7:48.42
2008Molly JosephsNY7:46.07
2007Jenna MonahanNY7:38.60
2006Heather BulettiNY7:00.87
2005Jenna MonahanNY7:52.71
2004Maria MichtaNY7:16.02
2003Jasmine BrooksME7:45.34
2002Maria MichtaNY7:23.88
2001Anne FavoliseME7:43.98
2000Jean TinnellyNY15:53.49 ^
1999Lorraine HorganNY15:24.06 ^
1998Brenda GeoninoNY16:06.85 ^
1997not held
1996Lisa KutzingNY14:50.93 ^
1995Sasha DevoreME15:24.0 ^
^ = 3000m