To get a sense of the level of competition and figure out which meet was better and which track was faster, we’ve combined the results of the concurrent Indoor Championships to settle the debate. We scored the top 5 finishers in each race, just like in a Cross Country race. Here are the results!


NB beats Nike 31-24.

1NikeClayton Stoil6:47.3710
2NBRowan McDonald7:12.969
3NikeColin Graham7:43.018
4NBKodi Quimby7:50.037
5NBCarter Butterfield7:54.486
6NBLucien Beardsley7:56.625
7NBWilliam Soberiaj8:42.084
8NikeMatt Brow9:01.353
9NikeTyler Swint9:01.862
10NikeOwen Stachlik9:17.211


NB beats Nike 35-20.

1NikeTalia Green7:14.0510
2NBMadison Morgan7:17.289
3NBAshlyn Poulin7:27.968
4NBDesi Dubois7:33.567
5NBAbby Callinan7:33.656
6NBAlexa Governor7:33.855
7NikeFarrah Wengler7:54.874
8NikeSamantha Benson-Tyler7:55.363
9NikeMaya Judice8:15.772
10NikeRachel Lawson8:21.281

NB beats Nike in both races individually and by a combined score of 66-44.

What’s the takeaway? The vast majority of top NY & Maine athletes went to NB instead of Nike this year. This made for extremely unbalanced fields, heaving favoring the races in Boston over New York City. It would be best for Race Walking if both meets went back to the previous arrangement in scheduling where they alternated which day the event was held to allow the athletes to double. This always produced superior performances in both meets and for some electrifying competition on the track.