Signings have started for the 2021 school year. Always of interest is where the graduates from any year are going to continue their academic and athletic careers in college. Most of the major sites covering Track & Field, regrettably, ignore our event’s athletes when making a big deal of signings. While, not an all inclusive list, here is what we know now. As more information becomes available, we’ll update the list.

AthleteHigh SchoolStateCollegeStateNAIA/NCAA
Emily BrochuArlingtonNYUConnCTNCAA
Angelina ColonSachem East NYMansfield NYNCAA
Ciara DurcanPearl RiverNYSt Thomas AquinasNYNCAA
Grace EndyWestfieldNJMITMANCAA
Analiese FabriziSachem NorthNYLynnFLNCAA
Olivia LundmanDover BayBC/CANBritish ColumbiaCANNAIA
Audrey McCarthy St Peter’sONT/CANWVU TechWVNAIA
Frieda QuinonesElginILFriendsKSNAIA
Gillian SchonenbergClarkstown NorthNYMoravianPANCAA
Marissa SciottoSachem EastNYMaristNYNCAA
Emily ZahralbanBellportNYMississippiMINCAA

You can find our list of Top Athletes for the 20-21 season in this previous article.