We’ve gone through the listing of State Records by distance and pulled out the oldest standing record by gender. In a few cases, multiple records are from the same year, so they’re all provided. There are a few historic names included, but most of them are essentially unknowns who went back into obscurity soon after posting these performances, never to make the jump into the national or international level of competition. This is one way to appreciate the 50+ year history of Race Walking being done at a relatively high level by High School athletes all over the country.

Indoor 1500m

BWashington7:40.9Allen James1981
GWashington9:33.4Kristin Hickman1981

Indoor Mile

BOregon7:14.62Steve Pecinovsky1973
BWashington8:41.2Jennifer Fisher1988

Indoor 3000m

BNew York12:29.6James Spahr1992
BCalifornia15:45.6Rebecca Villavazo1975

Outdoor 1500m

BCalifornia6:26.72Hojabri Kurash1980
BIowa6:37.0Rob Hyten1980
BNebraska6:35.5Scott Irwin1980
BNevada6:26.72Rob Campbell1980
BNorth Carolina8:24.0Herbert Turner1980
GIowa9:01.0Shirley Adam1974

Outdoor Mile

BPennsylvania7:01.0Howie Palamaruk1971
GMontana10:29.6Laurie Siderius1971

Outdoor 3000m

BMichigan15:49.0John Padrick1980
BNew Mexico 14:53.5Mica Comstock1980
GConnecticut16:45.09Tamera McPoland1982

Outdoor 5000m

BMassachusetts26:02.0Dennis Slattery1975
GColorado29:49.0Ingrid Martin 1972
GNevada28:46.0Sheryl Robinson1972

Outdoor 10000m

BKansas49:07.8Steve Herrman1974
GIdaho58:35.0Julie Partridge1977