Where Are They Going, 2021 Edition

Signings have started for the 2021 school year. Always of interest is where the graduates from any year are going to continue their academic and athletic careers in college. Most of the major sites covering Track & Field, regrettably, ignore

Join the Heffernan Challenge

In an effort to grow Race Walking in the UK and around the world, Irish 50 km World Champion Robert Heffernan has put together a program with top RW Official Pierce O’Callaghan where young athletes can have their technique evaluated

Sloan Victorious at Rams Winter Challenge

Caelin Sloan (23, South Florence, SC) took a big chunk off of her 3000m PR today in Columbia, SC at the Rams Winter Challenge on the campus of Columbia International University. Wearing hip #1, Sloan finished 2nd overall to the

Strava Club is Live

Please join us on our Strava Club. This will allow you to interact with your friends, see how everyone is training and continue to progress as an athlete. Workout summaries will also be linked to the right side of the

Choose your shoes

One of the most asked questions of coaches and other athletes is what shoes should I wear for Race Walking? There is no right answer for everyone, as each athlete has individual needs based upon their gait and foot shape.

Get Your Gear Here!

In addition to the normal shirts and other clothing in our online store, we’ve started adding other accessories. To help athletes looking to continue to train, we’ve added Face Masks at the low price of $9.99. They come in a

Wayback to 2007

Courtesy of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, here’s a little nostalgic look back to 2007 and what HSRW.net was like then. Thankfully, today we’re able to include social media accounts. Back then, they didn’t exist yet.